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World IP Review Annual 2019 

  • INTA president David Lossignol explains how brands can shape the world for the better
  • IP in a post-Brexit world
  • Why designs matter for brand owners
  • The implications of AI for IP
  • IP litigation and the public interest

WIPR Annual 2018

World IP Review Annual 2018

  • New faces and yet more to come from FRAND
  • Getting to the heart of brand value
  • EU copyright reform
  • Dealing with the shock waves of Brexit
  • Good news, despite some gaps


World IP Review Annual 2017


  • Designs in the spotlight
  • Evicting the squatters
  • Balancing act for technology and rights
  • Metatags: the invisible enemy
  • The requirements of form and function


World IP Review Annual 2016


  • An uneven playing field in the wake of Alice
  • 100 years of FRAND
  • Coming together: EU and US trademark law
  • A guide to trademarks in the Caribbean
  • A culture of creativity


World IP Review Annual 2015 


  • A decade of IP developments
  • Wanted: strong IP standards
  • Working towards consensus
  • For the benefit of brand owners and consumers
  • A changing world: computer-implemented inventions


World IP Review Annual 2014


  • The 21st century patent attorney
  • Policing the pirates
  • The increasing impact of 'patent trolls' 
  • Interpreting China's new trademark law
  • India: an evolving landscape


World IP Review Annual 2013


  • The Chinese trademark conundrum:
    will a new law solve the current problems?
  • Defending your brand turf online
  • Widening the net: the case for outsourcing
  • Future pain for patent NPEs
  • The fine line between drugs and supplements


Life Sciences IP Review Annual 2013


  • India: a threat to an industry or just misunderstood?
  • Considerations for biopharma under a
    first-inventor-to-file regime
  • Patent protection of traditional knowledge and
    biological material
  • The European take on the Bolar provision


World IP Review Annual 2012


  • Should applicants now avoid the EPO?
  • Top dogs: the General Court and OHIM
  • Anti-counterfeiting efforts in Mexico
  • Finding equilibrium: IP vs the Internet
  • Bad faith in Hong Kong


Life Sciences IP Review Annual 2012


  • Is there life for medical diagnostic patents after
  • Out in front: the Boston Cluster
  • India’s first compulsory licence
  • The importance of prior art searches


 World IP Review Annual 2011


  • Big pharma and Section 337: the next frontier
  • Social-networking sites: opportunities and challenges
    for brand owners
  • Design registrability in Hong Kong
  • Choosing a European patent attorney: does the
    Iron Curtain still exist?


 Life Sciences IP Review Annual 2011


  • An interview with BIO president Jim Greenwood
  • How shifting IP laws change the global life sciences
    regulatory chessboard
  • Practice points in Israel patent prosecution
  • Clinical trials and stratified medicine—
    Maximising patent exclusivity


 World IP Review Annual 2010


  • Domain Name Disputes—an Australian Perspective
  • New regulations for registering
    domain names in China
  • The ‘open litis principle’ in Mexican IP cases
  • When comparison becomes defamation


 Life Sciences IP Review Annual 2010


  • Myriad issues for gene patents
  • EPO oppositions: a cost-effective
    alternative to litigation
  • Stricter examination requirements in Canada
  • Clarifying patentability for medical and
    surgical developments


 World IP Review Annual 2009


  • Search engines and the question of
    trademark infringement
  • Translation: emerging markets today for
    business tomorrow
  • Norway accedes to the European Patent Convention
  • Speeding up patent applications in Japan


 Life Sciences IP Review Annual 2009


  • Questions of human embryo research
  • Patenting trends in the vaccine industry
  • The UK Patents Court:
    a more inventive jurisdiction?
  • The patentability of stem cells


 World IP Review Annual 2008


  • The importance of trademark audits
  • Winning patent disputes
  • Monitoring opportunity in an IP portfolio
  • Trademarks in cyberspace


 Life Sciences IP Review Annual 2008


  • Assuring the integrity of a supply chain
    against global threats
  • IP on the smallest scale
  • What makes a good expert witness?
  • Supplementary protection certificates
    for medicinal products


 World IP Review Annual 2007


  • Your Intellectual Property. What’s it worth?
  • Defending your brand online
  • Three-dimensional trademarks and industrial designs
  • Structuring franchise and relationships in Russia


 World IP Review Annual 2006


  • Patent portfolio management
  • INTA confronts trademark issues
  • Developing an IP framework for the public sector
  • IP management in Nigeria