2019 magazines


WIPR May/June 2019

In 2019, when it comes to making a home “smart”, the possibilities are endless. Since the introduction of Amazon’s digital voice assistant Alexa in 2014, the smart device landscape has expanded into all aspects of daily life. In this issue, we investigate what innovators can do to make sure their inventions are adequately protected in this space.

We also delve into another changing landscape: the IP services industry. With myriad merger and acquisition deals being announced over the past year, the question needs to be asked, might consolidation damage the industry?


WIPR March/April 2019

On asteroids, the moon and in space station labs, interstellar research is increasingly performed by private companies. In this issue, we look at how these off-world innovators are bending the rules of IP. 

Back on planet earth, we delve into diplomacy's dark arts, where IP is leveraged in geopolitical disputes from Saudi Arabia to Peru. And critics of President Trump say his combative trade policy with China is damaging US interests, but is he legitimately using all the tools in his arsenal?


WIPR January/February 2019

Having now been in office for two years, US President Donald Trump has enacted several policies that have made their mark in the IP arena. In this issue of WIPR, we have assessed five of the biggest changes to the US IP landscape, including Trump’s protectionist outlook which has led to a trade dispute with China. 
The rest of the magazine includes some great content, with focuses on Brexit, the relationship between insurance and IP, and the rebranding process. We also feature an interview with a senior legal IP counsel at Vodafone.