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WIPR November/December 2018

WIPR November/December 2018

With a host of car and tech companies competing in the driverless vehicles area, it looks as though Waymo will be first on the road. Having worked in this area since 2009, the Alphabet subsidiary expects to have launched a driverless taxi service in Phoenix, Arizona, before the end of the year.

WIPR September October 2018

WIPR September/October 2018

As blockchain is such a cutting-edge technology, it is no surprise that IP stakeholders are taking a keen interest in its potential applications. In this issue of WIPR, we have focused on how blockchain is helping in the battle against counterfeit goods, following a recent 'blockathon' hosted by the EUIPO.

WIPR july august 2018

WIPR July/August 2018

The Internet of Things and agriculture are the focus of this issue’s cover story, in which we shed some light on the major talking points in the licensing arena and provide a base for future analysis. 

WIPR May June 2018

WIPR May/June 2018

We have interviewed Harley-Davidson’s chief trademark counsel, Linda Heban, for the cover story of WIPR. Heban discusses a range of enforcement topics with us, sharing her stories from the front line of anti-counterfeiting. 

WIPR March April 2018

WIPR March April 2018

For the cover story in this issue, we have interviewed the CEO of InterDigital, Bill Merritt, about life on the front line of the telecoms industry.

We have also introduced a new feature on IP service providers. Starting with patent renewals, we have highlighted some of the main players in the field and the products they offer.

WIPR Jan Feb 2018


WIPR Jan/Feb 2018

  • Andrei Iancu’s in-tray on day one
  • License first, litigate later
  • Boosting quality and quantity at the USPTO
  • A game-changer? The Premier League’s live blocking order
  • Tribal warfare and red-soled heels: 10 big issues in 2018