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Study shows that Internet pirates are not to be underestimated


A recent study estimates that 23.76 percent of global Internet traffic is infringing copyright.

India changes trademark law


Trademark application fees have risen in India after the country amended its trademark law.

Viacom aims to take down YouTube


Viacom has appealed the summary judgment awarded to online video-sharing site YouTube as it bids to halt copyright infringement on the website.

Microsoft and Chinese Internet café settle differences


The owner of the biggest Internet café chain in Dongguan City, China, has agreed to use legitimate Microsoft software in its eight establishments.

Brownmark says no Butts to Viacom


Brownmark Films has accused South Park Studios, Comedy Partners and Viacom International of copying its music video and YouTube sensation What What (In the Butt) in a 2008 episode of South Park.

Countries finalise ACTA

EU, Japan, South Korea01-02-2011

The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement was finalised in November.

US ITC: China doesn't play fair


The US International Trade Commission (ITC) says that China’s ineffective enforcement of IP is a threat to US firms and that its indigenous innovation policies threaten US exports and investments.

Europe considers enhanced co-operation


The European Commission has asked for ‘enhanced co-operation’ to be considered as a means of creating a unitary patent protection system in Europe.

Google to translate EPO documents

EPO, EU01-02-2011

Google will provide the European Patent Office (EPO) with machine translation technology, allowing the office to translate patents into the languages of the 38 states that it serves.

Duane Morris lands special counsel

01-02-2011Movers & Shakers

Duane Morris LLP has recruited Laurie van Löben Sels from Townsend and Townsend and Crew LLP after it merged with Kilpatrick Stockton LLP in January.

Showing 9051 to 9060 of 9163 results


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