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US Federal Circuit raises materiality bar for proving inequitable conduct


The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has raised the requirements to demonstrate materiality when pleading ‘inequitable conduct’ to a but-for standard.

Canada rules on trademarks and geography


The Supreme Court of Canada has said that a Canadian trademark is invalid if a confusingly similar right has been used in a different part of the country.

USTR keeps big hitters on watchlist


The office of the US Trade Representative named China and Canada as countries that are failing to adequately and effectively deal with IP protection in a report released in May.

Hargreaves makes 10 recommendations to UK government


Professor Ian Hargreaves has made 10 recommendations to the UK’s coalition government for improving the country’s intellectual property framework.

US Supreme Court judgements: Global-Tech, Stanford and Microsoft


The US Supreme Court delivered three important patent decisions in May and June 2011.

Unlikely alliance trumps Google in Nortel patent race


Apple, Microsoft and Research in Motion have joined forces as part of a consortium that purchased the Nortel Patent Portfolio on 30 June.

Damage limitation: fireproofing a luxury brand in China


China is a key place to do business. The country’s consumer base is huge, and increasingly, it has appetites to match. Exporting brands to foreign lands can be lucrative, but it can also be dangerous.

WIPO and EPO: filings are a sign of economic growth


Rising international trademark and European patent filings are being mooted as indicators of economic recovery by the heads of IP organisations.

Betty Boop amici: aesthetic functionality could be ruinous


INTA and other interested parties have requested that the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit rehears a trademark and copyright infringement complaint involving cartoon character Betty Boop.

Seattle IP investor sues four


A patent-licensing organisation based in Seattle has accused mobile phone manufacturers Sony Ericsson, LG Electronics, Samsung and Nokia of infringing its patents with the FM radios and Bluetooth technology present in some of their handsets.

Showing 10961 to 10970 of 11116 results