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BT refuses to block The Pirate Bay


Internet service provider (ISP) British Telecom (BT) has refused to block the file-sharing website, The Pirate Bay, after a written request to do so from UK music trade body the BPI.

Brand owners object to gTLD rollout


A coalition of 87 business associations and companies has formed to oppose ICANN’s new top-level domain (TLD) programme.

France launches Syreli for resolving website disputes


France's national domain name registry launched a new dispute resolution system in November 2011.

CJEU: web filtering "not a fair balance"

Belgium, EU01-12-2011

The Court of Justice for the EU (CJEU) has ruled that copyright holders cannot ask Internet service providers (ISPs) to filter out illegal content.

Apple grabs cybersquatted domains


Apple has seized seven domain names incorporating its iPhone trademark that were used to display pornography.

UK to hear if copyright exchange is feasible


The UK government has announced that Richard Hooper, former deputy chairman of the UK regulator for the communications industries, Ofcom, will lead a feasibility study on developing a Digital Copyright Exchange.

US court gives go-ahead to grab domains


The US District Court for the District of Nevada has issued temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions to prevent approximately 600 websites dealing in counterfeit goods.

If it looks like an Apple...


Fake Apple stores have recently been spotted in China.

Isolated DNA molecules are patentable in the US


The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has held that isolated DNA molecules are patentable, it announced on July 29.

High Court orders ISP to block website


A UK High Court Justice has ordered an ISP to block access to a file-sharing website that allows users to unlawfully access the copyrighted works of major films and television programmes.

Showing 10181 to 10190 of 10355 results


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