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Antigua to go ahead with US IP rights suspension

Antigua & Barbuda, US01-11-2013

A governmental committee in Antigua and Barbuda has said it is continuing its plans to suspend US intellectual property rights.

Fed Circuit vacates “prejudicial” ruling in cargo case


The US Court of Appeal for the Federal Circuit has remanded a case to the Patent and Trial Appeal Board after examiners were “plainly prejudicial” to one party.

Nokia seeks import ban of HTC phones


Finnish phone maker Nokia will seek to block HTC from importing several devices into the UK after a judge ruled that they infringe a patent.

USPTO to ring fence funds under House bill


Three members of the House of Representatives have introduced a bill under which the US Patent and Trademark Office would be permanently funded.

Innovation Act receives warm welcome on Capitol Hill


US legislation aimed at reducing abusive patent litigation was widely supported during a hearing in the House of Representatives on Tuesday.

Arnold clears conflict of interest in SPC trial


Mr Justice Arnold has refused to recuse himself from a patent trial after he was accused of being conflicted by an expert witness.

Federal Circuit rules on book vending patent


A US court has upheld a US Patent and Trademark Office decision by rejecting patent claims following a dispute over prior art references.

Kaspersky sues Device Security for declaratory judgment


Kaspersky Lab has filed an action for declaratory judgment of patent noninfringement and invalidity against Wi-LAN Technologies Inc subsidiary Device Security LLC.

Westminster Legal Policy Forum: Willetts to lead IP Bill through the Commons


Government minister David Willetts is to lead the Intellectual Property Bill through the House of Commons, the UK’s IP minister has announced.

ITC welcomes two new hires


The US International Trade Commission has hired Margaret MacDonald as director of unfair import investigations and Dominic Bianchi as general counsel.

Showing 2971 to 2980 of 3558 results