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Why NPEs prefer the ITC

01-10-2010James Coughlan & John Schnurer

While non-practising entities still enforce their patents in US district courts, there's been an increase in those using the International Trade Commission. James Coughlan and John Schnurer explain why.

Next steps: UK government's response to the Hargreaves Review

UK01-10-2010Leigh Ellis

The UK government published its response to the Hargreaves Review in early August 2011.

ITC clarifies domestic industry requirement

01-10-2010Kenneth Adamo & David Maiorana

The recent Coaxial Cable decision confirms that patent litigation activities related to licensing may meet the USITC's domestic industry requirements. Kenneth Adamo and David Maiorana explain

Machine or transformation? Bilski in India

India01-10-2010Anuradha Salhotra

The US Supreme Court’s recent decision in Bilski v. Kappos has implications for business method patents in India, says Anuradha Salhotra.

Software and business method patents in Europe

EPO, EU01-10-2010Reinhard Knauer

When it comes to software patents in Europe, there is confusion among companies as to what is and is not patentable under European law, as Reinhard Knauer explains.

Setting the standards


When a technology product is purchased, such as a mobile phone, a DVD player, a PC or a video games console, it’s likely that at least some of its components will adhere to industry standards.

Manufacturers versus distributors: who owns the trademarks?

Philippines01-08-2010Anne Mariae Celeste V. Jumadla

The Supreme Court promulgated its decision in Superior Commercial Enterprises, Inc. v. Kunnan Enterprises Ltd., affirming its previous ruling that the registration of a trademark by an exclusive distributor belongs to the manufacturer.

Football crazy: famous marks in Thailand

Thailand01-08-2010Kowit Somwaiya and Prasantaya Bantadtan

Thailand’s administrative authorities and judiciary protect well-known marks very effectively.

No fireworks at the Supreme Court as Bilski finally comes to an end


When Bernard Bilski and Rand Warsaw applied to patent a method of hedging risks in commodities trading, no one would have predicted that the application would result in one of the most important patent cases in history.

An interview with Tetsuhiro Hosono


Japan’s patent office is one of the world’s busiest and most influential. WIPR spoke to Commissioner Tetsuhiro Hosono about challenges and strategies at home and abroad.

Showing 3401 to 3410 of 3572 results