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Recognising equivalence, reciprocity and respect

Canada, Mexico, US01-05-2011Hedwig Lindner and Manuel Morante

Homologation (recognition of equivalence) is a useful tool for simplifying administrative processes that are repeated in different countries. Nevertheless, it is not an end in itself.

Windows of opportunity and closing doors at the EPO

EPO, EU01-05-2011Claire Baldock

There is a general acceptance that European patent law is complicated, particularly in the area of pharmaceutical inventions. Claire Baldock looks at how the EPO approaches these inventions and the positives and negatives for the pharmaceutical industry.

Protecting IP rights in Ukraine

Ukraine01-04-2011Oleksandr Mamunya

It seems obvious that IP rights are worthless if they are not protected by the holder.

Avoid patent co-ownership pitfalls

US01-04-2011Paul J. Sutton

It is not unusual during the invention and development of newer technologies to require contributions from people skilled in many disciplines, as scientists and engineers seek to solve and overcome technological problems.

ITMA Spring Conference, Claridges, London


Delegates at the Institute of Trademark Attorneys Spring Conference enjoyed a challenging programme, once they’d pushed past the hordes of screaming Justin Bieber fans who were awaiting the young star at Claridges.

Fighting the smartphone wars


Innovation in the smartphone sector has made the devices hugely popular with consumers, but several unsightly tussles over who owns the intellectual property that they are based on continue to rumble on.

Crime and punishment: IP sanctions and deterrence

China, US01-04-2011

In the last two decades or so, the notion of categorising certain types of IP infringement as criminal has come into the mainstream. Many countries are now able to impose criminal fines and even jail sentences on the worst offenders.

Integrating Intel: trademarks as key ingredients


Intel makes billions in the semiconductor market and its marks are widely recognised. WIPR talks to Ruby Zefo, Intel’s chief trademark counsel, about licensing the marks of a computer part and preventing others from diluting them.

An interview with Soowon Lee

South Korea01-04-2011

South Korea has developed into a world-class exporter and economic powerhouse. Then the financial crisis struck. WIPR talks to Soowon Lee, commissioner of KIPO, about the role of innovation in an economic recovery and the business of IP.

Celebrity marks: an emerging concern

India, UK, US01-04-2011Amit Mahajan

A celebrity is entitled to use publicity or image rights to commercially exploit the goodwill associated with their fame. Amit Mahajan explains.

Showing 2341 to 2350 of 2672 results


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