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Proving fraud 'to the hilt'

US01-02-2011Robert Kenney and Katie Peden

Since the Federal Circuit re-established the appropriate standard for proving fraud, subsequent decisions continue to provide further guidance on the application of the standard.

Dos and don'ts for patent practitioners in Europe

EPO, EU01-01-2011Jacqueline Needle

With plans for a European Patents Court seemingly shelved, patentees need to continue using the current, sometimes unwieldy system. Jacqueline Needle explains.

Laying the foundations of trademark reform

EU01-01-2011Annick Mottet Haugaard and Fabio Angelini

Last year, the foundations for reform of the European trademark system were put in place. Annick Mottet Haugaard and Fabio Angelini explain how the European Community Trade Mark Association contributed further to the exercise.

Big pharma and Section 337: the next frontier

US01-01-2011Daniel Yonan and Mark Fox Evens

A recent US International Trade Commission investigation may open a new avenue for enforcing certain pharmaceutical patents, say Daniel Yonan and Mark Fox Evens.

Social-networking sites: opportunities and challenges for brand owners

01-01-2011Katy Cullen and Amanda Mallon

The popularity of social-networking sites is growing exponentially, with Facebook now boasting around 600 million members and more than 200 million users on Twitter. Katy Cullen and Amanda Mallon look at the implications for brands.

Will IP lead the UK out of recession in 2011?

UK01-01-2011Alasdair Poore

The UK government is looking to innovation and the knowledge-based economy to lead the country out of recession—pinning its hopes on a reinvigorated intellectual property system. Alasdair Poore explains.

Fighting the counterfeiters: the Mexican solution

Mexico01-01-2011Juan Carlos Amaro

The Mexican law on counterfeiting could be improved with the addition of some relevant provisions that are not currently covered, says Juan Carlos Amaro.

High and low: searching for providers

01-01-2011Catherine McGirr and Larissa Best

Cutting costs is an unenviable but necessary task, and a service provider can help to get it done by making things more efficient. Catherine McGirr and Larissa Best discuss the benefits of outsourcing trademark searching.

Reforms in trademarks policy, practice and enforcement

India01-01-2011Vaishali Mittal and Abhilasha Nautiyal

“India is not simply emerging: India has already emerged” —Barack Obama, 44th President, United States of America

Design registrability in Hong Kong

Hong Kong01-01-2011Kenny Leung

Companies contemplating design registrations in Hong Kong should be careful to make sure their applications are robust, says Kenny Leung.

Showing 2341 to 2350 of 2607 results


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