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Music to the ears of FM stations

India01-10-2011Purnima Singh

After half a decade and almost a dozen cases, the music industry in India is now closer to clarity on the right of lyricists and music composers in sound recordings. Purnima Singh explains.

Foreign brands in India licensing your brand

India01-10-2011Sana Jaffri

Licensing in India has enormous potential with many international players eyeing it as a lucrative market. Sana Jaffri explains.

Patents and compulsory licensing

India01-10-2011Vikrant Rana

Patents in India are granted to encourage inventions and ensure their commercial exploitation. But compulsory licences could threaten the integrity of the system. Vikrant Rana takes a look.

Brand enforcement: the use of the Advertising Standards Council of India as an effective tool

India01-10-2011Essenese Obhan and Shalika Bhalla

Indian advertising is booming, and regulation needs to keep pace. Essenese Obhan and Shalika Bhalla explain

Protecting 3D marks in Israel: a grey area

Israel01-10-2011Michael Factor and Aharon Factor

Divergent court decisions provide little certainty to companies looking to protect three-dimensional marks in Israel. Michael Factor and Aharon Factor explain.

CIPA Congress: a word from the president

01-10-2011Tim Roberts

Ahead of the CIPA Congress in London in October, CIPA president Tim Roberts writes about the organisation's position in the wider world of intellectual property.

CIPA Congress 6-7 October, London


The CIPA Congress at The Lancaster London Hotel in October will focus on practical measures that can help innovative businesses make the most of their intellectual property assets.

MARQUES conference - a welcome from Nunzia Varricchio

01-10-2011Nunzia Varricchio

MARQUES is a European association of brand owners worldwide. Council chair Nunzia Varricchio updates us on MARQUES's activities and introduces its 25th annual conference.

MARQUES annual conference - Baveno, Lago Maggiore, Italy, September 13 - 16, 2011


This year's MARQUES conference takes place in Baveno, on the shores of Lake Maggiore in Northern Italy. Its theme, 'Reality Check', will no doubt serve as a useful warning to those too caught up in the beauty of the surroundings.

The importance of good translation

Germany01-10-2011Michael V. Sneddon and Heide Ruplinger

For the uninitiated, finding translators sounds easy. Often, inexperienced company executives just entering the international market talk about translating as if it is simple. In fact, it is much more than that.

Showing 2251 to 2260 of 2697 results


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