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Sweden jurisdiction report: The winner trademarks it all

Sweden16-09-2019Petter Rindforth

If you mention Sweden, most people probably think of ABBA. However, not many people may know that the trademark was not originally created by the famous pop group, but in fact dates back to 1906.

Sweden jurisdiction report: The innovation quartet changing the world

Sweden21-05-2019Maria Zamkova

The Öresund bridge that opened in 1999 between Denmark and Sweden, further connecting southern Scandinavia with central and Western Europe, is not just a practical example of constructive cooperation between Denmark and Sweden. It can also be seen as a symbol of inventive collaboration in the region.

Sweden jurisdiction report: New-look trademark legislation

Sweden15-02-2019Maria Zamkova

On January 1, 2019, several important changes to the Swedish trademark law and related provisions came into effect. The changes are basically the implementation of the EU legislation, a revision that started at EU level almost ten years ago.

WIPR Leaders 2019: Sweden Trademarks Practice update

Sweden25-01-2019Petter Rindforth

Petter Rindforth of Fenix Legal reports on a case involving car company Volvo which clarifies the rules on using geographical indications in Sweden.

WIPR Leaders 2019: Sweden Patents Practice Update

Sweden23-01-2019Maria Zamkova

Swedish authorities are coming together to tackle the problem of pirated goods, as Maria Zamkova of Fenix Legal reports.

Sweden jurisdiction report: Strengthening trade secrets protection

Sweden13-09-2018Maria Zamkova

On July 1, 2018, the new Swedish Act on the Protection of Trade Secrets entered into force, superseding the previous act from 1990 following harmonisation within the EU. It is aimed at strengthening companies’ competitiveness and improving the conditions for innovation and knowledge-based entrepreneurship.

Sweden jurisdiction report: The scourge of fake trademark renewals

Sweden18-05-2018Maria Zamkova

Have you ever received an invoice from the EPTR (“European Patent and Trademark Register”), OHMI (“Office for International Registration”), “The Community Trademark Register”, or something similar? Is the invoice marked with a sign that looks very similar (but not 100% identical) to the logo of the EU IP Office (EUIPO), the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO), or a mix of them?

WIPR Leaders 2018: Sweden patent practice update


More than a year after two specialist IP courts came into force, Maria Zamkova of Fenix Legal reviews some of the notable trends and statistics.

WIPR Leaders 2018: Sweden trademark practice update

Sweden21-03-2018Petter Rindforth

There is an increasing trend of people registering their surnames as trademarks, as Petter Rindforth of Fenix Legal reports.

Sweden jurisdiction report: The true value of a brand

Sweden19-02-2018Maria Zamkova

Each year, a number of brand indexes are published in Sweden, for the benefit of trademark owners and customers. The ranking results, however, depend considerably on the basis for the investigations, the questions and what the survey wants to show.

Showing 1 to 10 of 16 results


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