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Mexican declarations of well-known and famous marks

Mexico01-06-2012Victor Adames

The Mexican Industrial Property Law (MIPL) distinguishes between well-known and famous trademarks, giving the latter wider protection than is given to well-known marks.

Severe sanctions in trademark cases: corrective measures

Peru01-06-2012Fayssy Delion

The control exercised by the administration in relation to the improper use of registered trademarks is very important, as it is a key component in the regulation and inspection of the proper operation of the market.

An average consumer model in Polish case law

Poland01-06-2012Anna Zakrocka

A right of protection for a trademark is granted by the Polish Patent Office after examination of whether the mark applied for is eligible for registration in Poland on relative and absolute grounds.

Well-known trademarks: just a dream in Russia?

Russia01-06-2012Riikka Palmos

There are only 112 trademarks recognised as well-known in Russia when, at the same time, there are almost 400,000 valid trademarks registered at the patent office and more than 143 million consumers in the Russian market.

Famous trademarks associated with the motor industry through Formula 1

Taiwan01-06-2012Crystal Chen

Sponsorship may lead to trademarks becoming associated with unrelated industries.

Top dogs: the General Court and OHIM

01-06-2012Chris McLeod

The past few months have seen a host of judgments by the General Court on appeal from decisions of OHIM’s Boards of Appeal. Chris McLeod analyses the key decisions.

Bad faith in Hong Kong

US01-06-2012Kenny Leung

Recent determinations on registration of trademarks in bad faith shed light on the rules pertaining to standards of honesty, as Kenny Leung reports.

Path of least resistance: understanding trademark examination and prosecution

Mexico01-06-2012Olga Toy

Registering a trademark in Mexico can be frustratingly difficult, as Olga Toy reports.

Hold the line: the pros and cons of Octogen

01-06-2012Udo Pfleghar

In the battle between new domains and old trademarks, legitimate businesses cannot be sure of victory. Udo Pfleghar considers the issues.

Crossed wires: protecting medicines in Mexico

Mexico01-05-2012Daniel Sánchez and Victor Ramirez

When introducing medicinal products to any market, the strength of the trademark is crucial. But the Mexican system requires getting trademark approval from two different authorities.

Showing 801 to 810 of 1056 results


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