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Business brief 2012: Uruguay

Ukraine01-06-2012Juan Lapenne

Patent applications are prosecuted at the National Office of Intellectual Property, which is a department of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining.

Business brief 2012: UK

UK01-06-2012Alison Simpson and Jonathan Higgs

National patent applications are filed at the UK Intellectual Property Office by filing a specification with a description and claims.

Stiff competition: how the Olympics is tackling ambush marketing


With two major international sporting events scheduled to take place this summer, WIPR looks at how organisers are tackling the threat of ambush marketing.

Aiming high: conquering the counterfeiters


As the parent of high-end clothing brands whose products sell for premium prices, Industries Group is a prime target for counterfeiters. WIPR finds out how the parent company of Moncler deals with a growing scourge.

Covering all the bases: customs in China


For many brands, China is a scary prospect because of the sheer volume of counterfeit product that has to be dealt with. WIPR talks to Chinese attorneys about customs and border measures in the country.

Fighting against trademark squatters in China

China01-06-2012Huang Hui and Yang Mingming

Trademark squatting is becoming big business in China. Foreign trademark owners who have yet to file in China are exposed to the risk of finding that their trademark is already taken.

Chilling effect: how ICE tackles the criminals


US Immigration and Customs Enforcement has taken strides in recent years to tackle counterfeiting and piracy, but its achievements have not come without controversy.

WHO's there? Pharmaceutical branding in India

India01-06-2012Lucy Rana and Pooja Thakur

Pharmaceutical companies in India are having to adapt to the World Health Organization’s International Nonproprietary Names programme, as Lucy Rana and Pooja Thakur explain.

Too easy: IP infringement via non-harmonised platforms

01-06-2012Korcan Dericioglu

The growth of the Internet has been accompanied by a multiplication of opportunities for infringement, as Korcan Dericioglu explains.

Ambush marketing: the lie of the land in Brazil

Brazil01-06-2012Philippe Bhering

With a football World Cup and the Olympic Games coming up in the next four years, Brazil will have to be able to deal with ambush marketing, but robust systems are not yet in place, says Philippe Bhering.

Showing 801 to 810 of 1074 results