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LESI conference 2011


This year’s LESI conference focused on how licensing executives can best commercialise IP in a time of rapid technological change.

An interview with Boris Simonov


WIPR talks to Boris Simonov, director general of Russia's Federal Service for Intellectual Property, about changes to the country's IP framework and a growing need for innovation.

Clearing the road: car designs in China

China01-08-2011Chuanhong Long and Zhesheng Xin

China’s Supreme People’s Court has tried a case on determining the similarity of designs, and issued a retrial judgment of directive significance. Chuanhong Long and Zhesheng Xin explain.

The utility of utility models in India

India01-08-2011Pankaj Soni

Indian companies find themselves hamstrung by an inability to protect innovations and improvements to existing technologies. The time has come for a utility model regime, says Pankaj Soni.

Mitigating risk through effective IP rights management

01-08-2011Adam Wylie

Law firms looking to reduce the risks associated with the management of IP rights are advised to consider outsourcing to a specialist service provider, suggests Adam Wylie.

Engineering information as prior art

01-08-2011Ron Kaminecki

Ron Kamecki looks at the tools available for scientific searches of prior art, and the steps to take beyond checking readily available sources such as MEDLINE or Inspec.

Inside man: an interview with Zhipei Jiang


China may seem like a tough nut to crack, but it's slowly opening up to the needs of national and international businesses. WIPR talks to Zhipei Jiang about what's right and wrong with China.

An informed choice: law firms in China


One of the most commonly cited barriers to doing business effectively in China is the sheer size of the country. Knowing the legal market is crucial to ensure you have the right representation. WIPR takes a look.

IP licensing in Brazil: what you need to know

Brazil01-06-2011Alysson H. Oikawa

Licensing has many advantages as a means of entering the market in Brazil, but companies should make sure they are familiar with all the appropriate restrictions and regulations. Alysson Oikawa explains.

FDA approval options for follow-on biologics

US01-06-2011Paul A. Calvo and Timothy Shea, Jr

With the passage of the Biologics Price Competition and Innovation Act in the US last year, there is now a new option for parties seeking FDA approval of their follow-on biological product.

Showing 791 to 800 of 988 results


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