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INTA is proud to announce that it recently launched a pilot program to establish a global Pro Bono Clearinghouse.

Maintaining a Life of Luxury: Combating Online Infringement

International21-05-2017Sarah Morgan

Luxury goods companies can be particularly vulnerable to attempts by counterfeiters to trade off their brands, often online. Sarah Morgan and Naomi Jeffreys explore some of the problems they face and how they are responding.

Netflix: Challenging Conventional Wisdom


With its 20th birthday approaching, Netflix has transformed from renting DVDs to providing original and third-party content online. Ali Buttars, Trademark Specialist at the company, tells Ed Conlon how trademarks fit into the ever-expanding business model.

INTA 2017: No Perfect Compensation Structure, Says INTA Panel


Similarities and differences in the compensation structure that European law firms use were discussed yesterday during a panel discussion.

INTA 2017: Geographical Indications: Switzerland and Colombia Fight for Heritage

Colombia, Switzerland21-05-2017

Panelists from Colombia and Switzerland spoke today about the challenges of protecting geographical indications in the face of multiple threats.

Pakistan: New Customs Rules On Counterfeits


Companies operating in Pakistan should take note of the amended Customs Rules, which contain important updates on intellectual property, says Junaid Daudpota, Managing Partner at Daudpota International.

INTA 2017: Startups: How To Protect Your Innovations


How can technology startups protect their IP? An INTA panel explored how companies just starting out can make the most of their innovations.  

eBay: Helping Brands to Combat Counterfeit Goods

20-05-2017Ed Conlon

Internet marketplace eBay plays an important role in the fight against counterfeit goods, but there are challenges on different fronts. Julien Dudouit, Global Brand Manager at eBay, spoke to Ed Conlon about the platform’s approach to fake goods.

Growing Success for EU Customs

EU20-05-2017Ed Conlon

With EU customs detaining an increasing number of counterfeit goods, what impact have the goods-in-transit and other reforms to the EU trademark system had so far? Ed Conlon investigates.

GCC Trade Mark Law: Finding Consistency Across the Gulf

Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates20-05-2017Sarah Morgan

When will the Gulf Cooperation Council Trade Mark Law be fully implemented? Will it unify the protection and enforcement of trademarks? WIPR puts these questions to two lawyers in the region.

Showing 51 to 60 of 70 results


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