IP pages 2020: Achieving success for clients


Jatin Trivedi

IP pages 2020: Achieving success for clients

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YJ Trivedi & Co has, since its origin in 1970, grown into a premier full-service IP law firm with offices in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Surat and Rajasthan, and an international office in Canada. The firm has a strong base of well-credentialled legal and technical professionals who bring vast experience and expertise in various technical and legal backgrounds and ensure that the firm offers exceptional counselling in all aspects of IP law.

The firm embraces the philosophy that only through an in-depth understanding of the client’s business and industry can the firm deliver an outcome that achieves the client’s short and long-term business objectives.

Complete IP solutions

The firm has, over the years, garnered a reputation for its ability to get to the nub of a problem and has always tried to come up with a possible solution that will take the client further.

The firm has a multidisciplinary practice with a cutting edge in contentious IP. The firm undertakes work comprising opinion drafting on IP issues, litigations handling, international search and registrations, drafting and preparing documents for licensing, technology transfer agreements, audit and valuation of IP, investigations, searches, arbitration and handling settlements.

Whether working on a precedent-setting case or preparing opinions, the firm aims to be innovative in its approach and adopts pragmatic strategies to meet its clients’ interests.

We make a difference

The firm stands out for its breadth and depth of expertise and knowledge to ensure best protection of its clients’ IP rights. Clients comprise a broad spectrum of corporates and industries in various sectors, small and medium-sized firms and entrepreneurs from the arenas of fashion, music, food, media and the pharmaceutical industry among others, not ignoring its growing international clientele.

The firm understands that pragmatic and effective legal advice requires an appreciation and understanding of the ever-changing business environment in which clients find themselves every day. The firm has garnered excellent relationships with its clients by offering them personalised and prompt professional assistance, resulting in awards from various media.

Our core expertise

Innovative legal solutions are the firm’s hallmark and it runs a smart, agile, cost-contained operation ready to take on today’s most complex cases.

The firm acts in leading litigation matters with a forward-looking approach. It stands tall on the IP stage and the firm is in a continuous pursuit of building a reputation for its legal work while staying true to its core values.

Jatin Trivedi is a senior partner at Y J Trivedi. He can be contacted at: jatin@yjtrivedi.com

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