IP Pages 2018: France country introduction


IP Pages 2018: France country introduction

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Our partners at Practice Insight have kindly provided us with data on filings in France, listing the five most productive firms in three separate filing categories.

franceapplications.jpgTotal applications

Cabinet Beau De Loménie leads the table for total applications filed between approximately September 2014 and August 2017, followed by Cabinet Plasseraud and Cabinet Lavoix.

PCT applications

The same five firms responsible for the most  applications in France are also responsible for the most PCT applications, though their order is different. Here, Cabinet Lavoix is on top, with Regimbeau in second place.


Finally, we have a table that gives an indication of which firms received the largest number of referrals in the jurisdiction. That is, the number of applications filed by the given firm between the approximate period of September 2014 and August 2017, where the firm was not responsible for the originating application (in the case of national phase entry and Paris Convention applications), and where that originating application was received from Canada, US, Japan, UK, Spain, Italy, Germany or Korea. Cabinet Plasseraud is out in front, though the data suggests that Cabinet Lavoix gets relatively few referrals compared to its overall prominence in the jurisdiction.

The data are taken from publicly available sources – due to delays in some publications, the numbers may be less than the actual numbers of applications filed.

*Does not include translations.

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