Barcelona Souvenirs to Take Home


Uldduz Larki

Nougat, footwear, and football shirts are just some of the souvenirs that you could take home from your trip to Barcelona, as Uldduz Larki reports.


Why not bring home the flavor of Barcelona in your suitcase with the classic Spanish nougat, turrón. It is a centuries-old confection, typically made from egg whites, honey, sugar, and almonds. Today, this mouth-watering sweet comes in different varieties of nuts, including peanuts, hazelnuts, and walnuts, among others. Turrón may also sometimes contain fruits, chocolate, marzipan, and liquor, and generally comes in two textures—hard and soft.


If you want to prepare yourself for the summer season even more, getting a pair of espardenyes would be a good way to start. Espardenyes are typically flat shoes made from soft canvas. They also come with high heels. Although this footwear started off being associated with peasants, it is now also made available by designer brands.

A Customized FC Barcelona Shirt

FC Barcelona is the home of Lionel Messi, Xavi, and Neymar, some of the world’s greatest football players. If you are a Barça fan, know one, or are married to a Real Madrid fan, this may be the perfect purchase for you to bring home. Better yet, these shirts can be customized with your own selected name.

An Artistic Touch

If a football shirt is too controversial, why not try a creative souvenir? Barcelona is famous for its art and the various shops stock dozens of unique gift ideas which enable you to take some of the city home with you. You can choose from the traditional fridge magnets through to small melting clocks inspired by artists such as Salvador Dalí, so there is bound to be a souvenir that stands out for you—and most of them are designed to slip straight into your suitcase.

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