Rumpel and Partners Legal Advisors and Patent Attorneys

Rumpel and Partners Legal Advisors and Patent Attorneys


Rumpel and Partners Legal Advisors and Patent Attorneys
ul. Czestochowska 1a
93-115 Lódz

T: +48 42 600 0280
F: +48 42 600 0281

Alicja Rumpel –

Company profile:

Rumpel and Partners provides legal assistance in all matters connected with the protection of intellectual property. We handle all matters related to intellectual property, within the broad meaning of the term. Rumpel and Partners represent clients in patent application proceedings and in opposition proceedings before the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland and the civil and administrative courts.

Rumpel and Partners work for companies across the country and are completely flexible and fully committed. Rumpel and Partners work involves international cooperation with patent and law offices from numerous countries, servicing foreign enterprises and representing them in Poland and protecting the interests of Polish businesspeople abroad.

Rumpel and Partners are authorized to represent clients in all matters connected with protecting intellectual property before the Polish offices, courts and administrative bodies and before bodies responsible for protecting intellectual property in the European Union, including the European Patent Office and the Office of Harmonization for the Internal Market (OHIM).

Areas of specialistion:

Preparing and filling applications (Polish and European Patent Offices, OHIM)
Litigation procedures against violation of industrial property rights
Validation of European patents in Poland
Patent translations
Entry into PCT national phase
Opposition against trade mark registration
Maintaining industrial property rights

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