R&R Avvocati

R&R Avvocati


Via Cola di Rienzo 212
00192 Rome 
Telephone: +39 06 8543822
Fax: +39 06 85831944
Website: www.rerlegal.it

Aurelio Richichi - a.richichi@rerlegal.it

Filippo Romani - f.romani@rerlegal.it

Company Profile:
The Firm began as a project of two lawyers, who aimed to combine the experience and skills that they had developed in their different areas of expertise with the knowledge and relationships that are typical of international law firms. We strive to build rock solid client relationships with small, medium and large businesses faced with problems in the fields of intellectual property both in the start-up phase and beyond. We encourage our clients to make informed strategic choices and highlight the range of options available, favouring those that seem the most efficient in cost-benefit terms. We are a boutique law firm and we focus, therefore, on the quality services offered by us: All our clients receive the same treatment and the same attention, having an opportunity to establish a direct contact with the lawyers that will be dealing with their file and who will always be available and reachable. R&R Avvocati is composed of professionals qualified in Italy, England and Wales and Germany.

Areas of Specialisation: 

  • Copyright
  • Trade marks and unfair competition
  • Patents, models and design
  • Data protection and personality rights
  • Trade secrets and know-how
  • Commercial contracts
  • Customs Law and Customs actions
  • Litigation & Arbitration

Association memberships:

ALAI Italia, The British Italian Law Assocation, GRUR, LES Italy

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