Patentbüro Paul Rosenich AG

Patentbüro Paul Rosenich AG

Europe, Switzerland, Liechtenstein

Patentbureau Paul Rosenich Inc. (PPR)
Buero- und Gewerbezentrum (BGZ)
Rotenbodenstrasse 12
9497 Triesenberg
Tel.: +423 265 33 08
Fax: +423 265 33 01

Company Profile:

We are an international patent law company with head office in Liechtenstein and regional office in Switzerland. We cooperate with partners in Germany, Austria, Hungary and the United States, and we have extensive contacts in China and Japan.

Our main focus is the preparation, filing and defense of intellectual property rights (in particular Patents, Trademarks, Designs, Domain Names and Licenses).

We are also active in the filing of oppositions, pleas and actions of nullity.

Our international team of internal and external associates represents patents before the:

• German Patent- and Trademark Office (DPMA)
• European Patent Office (EPO)
• European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)
• Liechtenstein Office for Intellectual Property and the County Court of Liechtenstein
• Austrian Patent Office
• Swiss Patent Office (IGE)
• Hungarian Patent Office (HIPO)
• US Patent Office (USPTO)
• World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO)

Areas of specialization:

European Patents, European Trade Marks, European Designs, Swiss IP-Matters, Liechtenstein IP-Matters, Litigation, Opposition, Technical fields: All non-chemical and non-biotech

Association memberships:

INTA, I3PM, epi, UNION, VPP, RING, VESPA, LIPAV, Swiss Engineering, GIN, Club NTB, MIE


Europe, Switzerland, Liechtenstein

Key Contacts:

paul-rosenich.jpgPaul Rosenich
EUR ING, Faching. NTB (BSc), LLM (CEIPI, Univ. Strasbourg), European Patent Attorney, Patent and Trademark Attorney (WIPO, CH, LI), IP-Mediator (WIPO,CH)
Foreign Guest Researcher of Global Intellectual Property Business Magazine
《中外知商》 杂志海外客座研究员

Paul Rosenich, VRP
Electrical engineering graduate, holds a diploma in optoelectronics and successfully obtained a master's degree in IP management and law.
Has been working in the field of industrial property protection for more than 30 years:

Fields of Expertise:
• General engineering
• Electrical engineering
• Optics
• Precision mechanics
• Micro mechanics

Patent research:
• Oppositions and Litigations
• Transfer of technology
• Contracting matters and IP management

epi, UNION, VPP, RING, VESPA, LIPAV, Swiss Engineering, GIN, Club NTB, MIE


Joachim Künsch:
Dipl. Ing. FH, Patent Attorney for Liechtenstein and Switzerland, European Patent Attorney, Authorized Signatory, COO

Joachim Künsch
• Studied civil engineering
• Post-graduate degree in Intellectual Property at ETH Zurich
• Industrial patent attorney at the patent and trademark department at Hilti AG
• European patent attorney and Swiss patent attorney at PPR since 2009

Fields of Expertise:
• Drafting and worldwide defense of patent applications and associated consulation of inventors
• General engineering
• Constructional engineering
• Mechanical- and plant engineering
• Medical technology

noemi-rosenich-marko.jpgNoémi Rosenich-Markó:
Dipl. Oec. (BSc), cert. IPR-Expert, Swiss Trademark Attorney

Noémi Rosenich-Markó, Head of Trademark Department, authorized signatory
• Diploma thesis ‘The Market Influence of Trademarks’
• Internships in patent offices of Liechtenstein, Hungary and Austria
• Participation in the organization of various international conferences (e.g. AIPPI and UNION).

INTA, MVE (Ungarischer Verein für Warenzeichen), MIE (Ungarischer Verein für Gewerblichen Rechtsschutz und Urheberrecht), PTMG, UNION

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