You say potato... grown in Idaho®


Ozlem Futman

You say potato... grown in Idaho®

An application for the wordmark ‘Idaho’ in Turkey provoked a lively campaign of opposition from the potato growing US state, as Ozlem Futman reports.

A Turkish company which is actively working in the field of agrıcultural products/seeds filed an application for the word mark ‘Idaho’ in Class 31, covering “agricultural products; gardening products; seeds; forestry products; livestock (including incubation eggs, and inseminated eggs); live plants and dried plants and weeds; animal feeds, malt (not for consumption of human beings)”—all the goods in the subject class.

The state of Idaho in the north west of the US and the Republic of Turkey have for many years been well connected both socially and commercially. Idaho is identified with potatoes and agriculture: potatoes grown in Idaho are famous, and it is a sector that touches the lives of countless people, from manufacturers to distributors and their families.

Regarding trademarks, ‘Idaho’ is registered as a certification mark in the US and derivatives of the Idaho brand have been registered before the US Patent and Trademark Office and in other countries in the name of the Idaho Potato Commission. However, the commission had no trademark registration filed with the Turkish Patent Institute (TPI) when the subject Turkish application for ‘Idaho’ was published for opposition.

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