Well-known trademarks: just a dream in Russia?


Riikka Palmos

There are only 112 trademarks recognised as well-known in Russia when, at the same time, there are almost 400,000 valid trademarks registered at the patent office and more than 143 million consumers in the Russian market.

There may be different reasons for this low number but at least this proves the strictness of the registration process at the patent office.

Indeed, one of the most challenging tasks for trademark owners is the process for obtaining well-known status for a trademark in Russia. The reason for this is not legislative but, rather, political.

Russia has had proper international and national regulations for the matter since July 1, 1965, when Russia became a member of the Paris Convention, but the lack until the beginning of 1998 of a competent authority to handle these cases simply made the process impossible. The 1998 appointment of the Higher Patent Chamber made the registration process possible, but still far from easy.

Well-known marks, Paris Convention, Higher Patent Chamber, trademark registration