The protection of IP in the UAE


Raka Roy

The protection of IP in the UAE

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The UAE has increasingly focused on protecting and enhancing its intangible assets as it seeks to promote the region as an IP hub, says Raka Roy of Galadari Law.

The protection of IP in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is typically regulated and organised by the Ministry of Economy (MOE). The organisation’s concern about IP protection, especially rights relating to patents, is clear from its efforts to create a climate that encourages investment, trade and economic growth.

The UAE government is keen to arm the private sector with all the knowledge necessary to enable it to perform its role in sustainable development.

Future roadmaps

In October 2019, the MOE and France’s National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI), represented by its director general, Pascal Faure, signed a roadmap for 2019–2020 aimed at strengthening the IP applications at the MOE headquarters in Dubai.

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