The perils of policing online marketplaces


Oliver Watson

The perils of policing online marketplaces

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Many large online marketplaces have taken some strides against counterfeiting, but have they gone far enough? Oliver Watson of Lewis Silkin investigates.

The question of whether online marketplaces are doing enough to tackle counterfeiting is particularly apposite given that the International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition (IACC) has been thrown into turmoil over its addition of Alibaba as a general member in April—a status explained as being a partner to the IACC in the fight against counterfeits.

So incensed were they by the IACC’s new partnership with Alibaba, that Michael Kors and Gucci resigned their IACC memberships. Jewellery brand Tiffany also resigned in protest at what it cited as ‘governance issues’.

Other brands were shaping to follow suit, but before they could do so, the IACC responded by suspending Alibaba’s membership on May 13.

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