The importance of patent information for the innovation economy


Ann Chapman and Katy Wood

Inventors and IP professionals need to search the knowledge base thoroughly. Software solutions such as PatBase can help speed and efficiency, as Ann Chapman and Katy Wood explain.

Patent information plays an increasingly important role in global technological and economic development. Patent documents represent a rich and often unique source of legal, business and technical information, and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) estimates that up to 70 percent of the technical information found within patent documents is not published anywhere else.

Although the legal protection afforded by a patent is territorial, the information contained in a patent document is global, disclosing brand new technologies to any person or organisation around the world.

Since 1996 Minesoft has been developing solutions to help corporations, IP law and patent attorney firms and information specialists capture this vital patent knowledge. While many national and regional patent offices provide free online tools for accessing their patent collections, Minesoft and other commercial providers identified the need for value-added subscription-based patent information services.

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