The dedicated followers of fashion fakes


The dedicated followers of fashion fakes

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Fashion brands have a tough anti-counterfeiting battle on their hands in Japan and China, where demand for luxury branded goods—which may not always be legitimate—can be high. WIPR reports.

High-end fashion items are increasingly coveted across Asia; Japan in particular has become a popular shopping destination for brand-hungry tourists and locals alike, according to Chikako Hashimoto, counsel in Hogan Lovells’ Japan office, and Eugene Low, partner at the firm’s Hong Kong office.

Unfortunately, they add, “fake products gravitate to where the customers are and that’s exactly what’s happening in Japan”.

Europol estimates that in 2017, 72% of counterfeit goods in circulation in the world’s largest markets, including the US, the EU, and Japan, originated from China (“Situation Report on Counterfeiting and Piracy in the European Union”, 2017).

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