Sign of the modern times: Marques


The annual Marques conference took place in Athens from September 18 to 21. WIPR reports on a thought-provoking and lively conference.

A packed conference hall in Athens enjoyed a thought-provoking opening hearing entitled Sign of the modern times. Sahira Khwaja, partner at Hogan Lovells in London, talked through the opportunities and threats of social media, and stressed that brand owners should draw up clear guidelines if they decide to exploit sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

On the plus side, she said, social media provide new channels to engage with consumers and maintain brand loyalty. But she warned that there are numerous grey areas in the social media world, including “several individual areas of overlapping and interacting law”, which brands should be aware of. Once employees begin tweeting, ‘Facebooking’ and the like, they should never comment on litigation linked to the company and must always obtain permission before using the company’s trademarks or logos.

Expanding on the session’s modern theme, Stacey King, an IP lawyer based in London, provided a fascinating insight into the blossoming world of augmented reality, described as “a live view of an environment with elements augmented through computer-generated input.”

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