Resolving string contentions in the new gTLD programme


Jonathan Cohen

Resolving string contentions in the new gTLD programme

Jonathan Cohen provides an update on the new gTLDs, and explains how the problem of strings with multiple applicants can be effectively resolved.

At the ICANN meeting in Prague in June, the universe unfolded as it should.

The list of applied-for new generic top-level domain (gTLD) strings was announced shortly before the meeting on June 13, 2012. To the surprise of many observers, almost 2000 applications were filed. Also interesting was the large number of identical strings sought by a number of applicants, totalling 230, and involving more than 750 applications (an average of roughly three applicants per identical string).

Indeed, some generic strings were applied for by more than 10 applicants, such as .app (13 applicants), .home (11 applicants) and .inc (11 applicants).

gtlds, gac, icann, string, contention set