Protection of rights: what you need to know


José Trigueros

Protection of rights: what you need to know

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As the ASIPI conference heads to Mexico, José Trigueros outlines the local IP protection scene.

The conference of the Inter-American Association of Intellectual Property (ASIPI) will be held in Mexico later this year (November 30 to December 3) as the association celebrates its 50th anniversary. Here is the local knowledge you need when doing business in Mexico.

Obtaining patent rights

Patent rights are secured by the filing of a patent application, in compliance with the Mexican Industrial Property Law (MIPL). While filing and prosecuting a patent application is a task that can be done directly by either the inventor or the owner of the invention, due to legal technicalities, experience needed and knowledge of the law, it is highly advisable to request the assistance of patent professionals in order to increase the probabilities of success. Mexico also offers protection for utility and design patents.

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