Protection for well-known marks in Turkey


Korcan Dericioğlu & Ahmet Munir Yaşar

Turkey has made great efforts in recent years to raise its game on well-known trademarks, say Korcan Dericioglu and Ahmet Munir Yasar.

In a globalised world, the boundaries of trade have been almost entirely removed—the quality and price of products are what matter, not their origin. The most important element of pricing, on the other hand, is the value of the trademark used on products and services.

The most important factor taken into consideration during trademark appraisal is the level of recognition of the trademark. Companies allocate large budgets to increasing both national and international recognition of trademarks and to protecting their trademarks, which become well known due to this intensive effort, as well as legal efforts.

Having become a significant centre of attention for investors thanks to its growing economy and geopolitical position in Europe and Asia over recent years, Turkey is also undersigning important breakthroughs in intellectual property rights within the scope of the European Union acquis.

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