Protection: doing more with less


Elisa Cooper

Protection: doing more with less

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The number of trademarks owned by corporate entities is increasing but the cash to defend their expanding portfolios is not. Elisa Cooper, vice president of marketing for Lecorpio, has some suggestions for protection on a budget.

Companies invest enormous sums to establish, maintain and protect trademarks and brands. Trademarks are valuable assets, but they can become targets for infringement and abuse if they are not sufficiently protected.

Research detailed below shows that while trademark registrations are growing fast, the spending on support services to watch and police them is not keeping pace. If this becomes a recurring trend, companies fitting this description are heading into perilous territory by investing resources in trademark establishment, but then skimping on their monitoring and protection.

Lecorpio IP management and analytics company has conducted its first “Trademark Management Study”, which was designed to benchmark trademark growth and spending among corporate law departments. The study, published on May 18, found that 55% of respondents said their trademark portfolios had increased since the previous year and that for 45% of respondents trademark registration budgets had gone up.

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