Protecting trademarks on the Internet: WIPO wades in


Jürg Burger

In 2001, the assembly of the Paris Union for the Protection of Industrial Property and the general assembly of WIPO adopted the Joint Recommendation Concerning Provisions on the Protection of Marks and Other IP rights in Signs on the Internet.

In 2010, the World Intellectual Property Organization(WIPO)’s Standing Committee on the Law of Trademark, Industrial Designs and Geographical Indications (SCT) requested that the WIPO secretariat examine the joint recommendation with a view to determining, in particular, whether the new ways in which trademarks can be used on the Internet are adequately addressed by this instrument.

The secretariat presented an overview of the content and the scope of the application of the joint recommendation, as well as a preliminary analysis of whether those issues could be addressed through the principles set forth in the joint recommendation, in Switzerland in 2011.

Purpose and scope of application

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