Patent gurus in demand


Paul Sutton

Experienced patent attorneys possessing strategic and litigation skills have never been in greater demand.

Their counselling can be critical not only in guiding clients with intellectual property issues, but also in guiding other IP and non-IP attorneys.

The word ‘guru’ in the title of this article has been chosen for non-provocative reasons. The term has traditionally conjured up images of a wise sage whose followers hang upon the guru’s every utterance. More recently, the term guru has been used to describe computer experts or ‘geeks’. In either case, the guru is one who has acquired a great body of specialised knowledge and wisdom after years of focused study and thought.

I use the term ‘patent guru’ here to describe that very type of person—one who has acquired many years of practical experience focused on the field of patent law and its effects upon businesses, small and large. Whether dealing with new ventures or large established corporations, there is an increasing need for the guidance of attorneys who are familiar with the current state of technologies, the evolution of court patent decisions, and ever-present patent-related pitfalls and opportunities.

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