Netherlands jurisdiction report: Innovation tax incentives on offer


Michiel Rijsdijk

Netherlands jurisdiction report: Innovation tax incentives on offer

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For a multinational corporation entering the European market, the Netherlands is an attractive IP jurisdiction as its legal system is efficient in both time and costs. IP cases in the Netherlands are handled by courts that have extensive experience in this respect; The Hague Court, which has specialist IP judges, has exclusive jurisdiction in patent cases and an excellent reputation.

Enforcing IP rights in the Netherlands is, therefore, both effective and efficient in the protection against infringement within Europe.

Located in the heart of Europe, the Netherlands is sometimes called the “gateway to Europe”. It is ranked as a global innovation leader with outstanding research facilities, a highly skilled technical workforce, and proficient language skills. As discussed in this article, the Netherlands actively promotes research and development (R&D) activities through a favourable corporate tax system and specific R&D tax incentives that support innovation throughout the entire R&D lifecycle.

In this article we want to focus on some of the abovementioned tax incentives that may significantly lower R&D costs and the taxable base of companies.

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