Monetisation of IP in Malaysia


Chew Kherk Ying and Chen Hong Sze

The Malaysian government is currently actively encouraging the creation and monetisation of intellectual property.

The Federal Government Budget for 2013 allocated RM200 million (approximately $60 million) in funding to oversee the creation of an IP financing scheme.

In light of these objectives, there has been significant activity in the IP valuation sphere and the IP Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO) has set up a framework for the training, assessment and qualification of IP valuers. The IP Valuation Training Module for IP valuers, which was created to serve this purpose, is conducted in tranches and introduces participants to IP rights, valuation methods, negotiation, IP management, drafting of practical valuation reports, and hands-on training.

In September 2013 the training module was completed by the pioneer batch who had undergone the course, and due to its success, MyIPO has launched further series of its IP valuation courses.

Monetisation, MyIPO, Malaysian government