KPMG: migrating from .com


KPMG: migrating from .com

Professional services firm KPMG has some ambitious plans for its .kpmg generic top-level domain. David Green, head of global digital marketing, told TB&I about the firm’s vision.

In a world where .com is considered king, KPMG is looking to break free. The professional services firm, a global network of independent member firms, is looking to replace its website with a fresher and slicker .kpmg generic top-level domain (gTLD).

“As the primary signal for our brand’s Internet addressing, .kpmg will replace,” explains David Green, head of global digital marketing at the firm, which operates in more than 155 countries and employs close to 155,000 people.

“The time it takes to get to that stage will depend on general public awareness of the gTLD programme,” Green notes. “We won’t immediately drop .com; there will be a phased migration.”

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