INTA: From EU trademark reform to US customs legislation


Ronald van Tuijl

INTA: From EU trademark reform to US customs legislation

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INTA is monitoring and influencing a wide range of trademark developments across the world, and 2016 is shaping up to be a busy year. Ronald van Tuijl, the association’s president, provides an update.

Elections, trade agreements, workforce issues and the global economy are capturing the media’s attention in 2016. Intellectual property is an important component of these discussions. The International Trademark Association (INTA) began the year and its 2016–2017 committee term with an expanded committee structure and a number of new committees. This is enabling our association to increase its efforts to affect legislation, regulation and education on the importance and value of IP through engaging governments and other organisations on a global scale. Here are a few examples.

Anti-counterfeiting efforts

Counterfeiting presents health, safety and economic risks to consumers. In 2009, worldwide counterfeiting was valued at an estimated $250 billion and accounted for around 2% of world trade. According to the International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition, counterfeiting has grown into an estimated $1.7 trillion business today. Five key anti-counterfeiting priorities shape INTA’s 2016 advocacy strategy on this issue:

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