Huawei: keeping an open mind


Huawei: keeping an open mind

As the market for smartphones continues to grow, a robust IP strategy is crucial for holding on to global share. WIPR spoke to Chinese telecoms company and phone maker Huawei’s chief legal officer Song Liuping about the world’s number one mobile broadband provider’s efforts.

In 2012, the number of smartphone users around the world exceeded one billion. In an extremely competitive market, a company’s clout lies in the quality of its patents and licensing strategy. As the long battle between smartphone giants Apple and Samsung has shown, the stakes can be incredibly high—products found to infringe a rival’s patents can be banned from sale, shutting off entire markets.

Essential patents

Huawei is an information and communication technology solution provider with many strings to its bow. As well as working on its own range of smartphones, it develops products and technological solutions for a host of industry operators and enterprises, and boasts customers in 140 countries.

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