High and low: searching for providers


Catherine McGirr and Larissa Best

Cutting costs is an unenviable but necessary task, and a service provider can help to get it done by making things more efficient. Catherine McGirr and Larissa Best discuss the benefits of outsourcing trademark searching.

Explaining the importance of a strong brand isn’t easy—brand power is difficult to quantify. But the proof is in the practice; big brands can even find their way into popular culture.

Protecting a brand with trademarks is an effective way of preserving its power, but the practice requires a lot of work. Searching, filing, opposing and prosecuting are all equally important in ensuring that a brand remains strong and secure, and at the same time, each one is laborious.

A trademark search can be costly and time-consuming and, as such, is a good candidate for an efficiency drive. In-house IP teams and private practice law firms may feel the administrative burden of maintaining their own agent networks and managing several service providers simultaneously. The time that attorneys spend on these things could be better spent elsewhere.

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