China focus: can a leopard change its spots?


China focus: can a leopard change its spots?

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China has long been plagued by the problem of counterfeit goods, particularly online. Can the government’s sharpened focus on tackling infringement turn this around? WIPR investigates.

At the end of June 2015, China had 668 million internet users, nearly half of the entire population, according to the China Internet Network Information Centre. So it’s no surprise that online sales are continuing to soar.

But as an ever-increasing amount of goods are bought and sold online, intellectual property infringement remains a very real and dangerous threat to brand owners.

Just 40% of goods sold online in China during 2014 were genuine, according to Chinese news agency Xinhua. While turnover of China’s online retail increased by 40% annually to around $442 billion, commerce authorities across the country received nearly 80,000 complaints concerning online orders.

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