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US authors demand damages in Google Books dispute


A US authors’ group has demanded that Google pays it $750 for each book the Internet company has scanned without authorisation under its Google Books initiative.

Jury poised to decide Apple and Samsung patent dispute


A US jury is waiting to decide the fate of Apple and Samsung’s high-profile patent dispute as the tech companies clash in a Californian court.

Nokia sues mobile rivals after $1.7 billion loss


Following a $1.7 billion loss in the first quarter of 2012, Nokia filed lawsuits against rivals HTC, RIM and ViewSonic, claiming that they failed to pay licences for using 45 of its patents.

Apple and Samsung trade blows over patents


Apple and Samsung both scored victories in the space of a week in the complex patent war they are fighting across four continents.

CJEU rules on class headings in IP Translator case


The CJEU has ruled that there must be a clearer and more consistent approach to registering trademarks under the Nice Agreement’s classification system.

CJEU: no copyright for computer program functionality


Europe’s highest court ruled in May that copyright protection does not extend to the functionality of a computer program or its programming language.

EPO and Rospatent sign patent translation deal

EPO, Russia01-08-2012

European and Russian innovators can now freely translate patent applications in both English and Russian, under an agreement signed by the regions’ patent offices in May 2012.

EU Unitary Patent: what now for IP owners?


Following the long-awaited vote to split the Unified Patent Court (UPC) across three European cities, lawyers say there are still “fundamental flaws” with the unitary patent package.

Google fights online piracy, removes infringing links


Copyright owners are increasingly demanding that Google removes links to allegedly pirated content, according to figures revealed in its Transparency Report in May.

Judge calls for Microsoft Xbox ban in US


A judge at the US-based International Trade Commission (ITC) has called for some Microsoft Xbox consoles to be banned from being imported to, or sold in, the US.

Showing 4961 to 4970 of 5256 results


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