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AB InBev: Keeping a Clear Head


International brewer AB InBev requires clear documentation of trademark rights when buying or merging with another company, as Associate General Counsel Jeremy Roe tells Ed Conlon.

M&A Deals: IP Shifts to the Center


The importance of intellectual property has grown substantially in mergers and acquisitions transactions, and early involvement of IP lawyers in a potential deal has become essential, Annual Meeting registrants learned yesterday.

Social Media Influencers: Reining Them In


Managing the activity of celebrity influencers on social media may help your brand to stay on the right side of the regulators, as Ed Conlon reports.

The force of moral rights

Netherlands24-05-2017Michiel Rijsdijk

The strength of moral rights in Dutch copyright law has in January 2017 been illustrated in two legal disputes concerning the renovation of architectural buildings.

The case that has drifted on


Trademark disputes linked to the music group The Drifters have been rumbling on since 1958, and most recently the Fourth Circuit ruled on the doctrine of issue preclusion, writes James Slattery of Birch Stewart Kolasch Birch.

Mr. Justice Arnold: Brexit and Trademarks

EU, UK23-05-2017Sarah Morgan

Mr. Justice Arnold, the judge in charge of the English Patents Court, talks Brexit and its impact on trademark law in the country.

ASEAN and Madrid: Six Down, Four to Go

International23-05-2017Ed Conlon

The ASEAN region has embarked on a ten-year IP plan, with accession to the Madrid Protocol one of the core aims. Ed Conlon analyzes progress so far.

Mexico: Getting to Grips with the New Regime

International, Mexico23-05-2017Álvaro Huerta

Almost a year after Mexico implemented a trademark opposition system, rights owners are coming to grips with the new regime.

Futurist Thinking: From Products to Experiences

International23-05-2017Christian Wuestner

AI and the Internet of Things will change the meaning of ownership and what constitutes a copy, with consequences for IP lawyers as a result. Christian Wuestner reports.

INTA Staff Interview: In Search of Harmonization


INTA’s Regional Offices are working hard to promote trademark harmonization, but there are many challenges on the way. Sarah Morgan speaks to three INTA staff members working in this area.

Showing 71 to 80 of 2248 results


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