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China focus: can a leopard change its spots?


China has long been plagued by the problem of counterfeit goods, particularly online. Can the government’s sharpened focus on tackling infringement turn this around? WIPR investigates.

“Splitting the baby”—what’s next for the PTAB


The US Supreme Court is scrutinising the work of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board and its decision in the pending Cuozzo case could change how the board operates, as WIPR finds out.

The perils of policing online marketplaces

International18-05-2016Oliver Watson

Many large online marketplaces have taken some strides against counterfeiting, but have they gone far enough? Oliver Watson of Lewis Silkin investigates.

Xerox: avoiding a ‘genericide’ headache


Xerox works hard to ensure its brand avoids becoming a generic term in the same way Aspirin and Zipper have done. Margaret Walker, general IP counsel at the company, tells WIPR about some of her work.

News analysis: Why the new PTAB rules are no laughing matter


On April 1, the US Patent and Trademark Office published a new set of rules for cases heard before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board. WIPR reviews the changes and what they may mean for lawyers.

BRI v Phillips: a changing landscape?

US17-05-2016Ethan Horwitz and Shaun Hargadine

In the US two standards for construing patent claims are applied, but this could be about to change, say Ethan Horwitz and Shaun Hargadine of Carlton Fields.

Best practices for patenting software post-Alice

US12-05-2016Terry Clark and Gregory Parker

The US Supreme Court’s decision in Alice has made it difficult to patent software, but it is still possible if you apply the right strategy, argue Terry Clark and Gregory Parker of Bass Berry + Sims.

The battle of the Kylies

International, US10-05-2016

The Kylie Minogue and Kylie Jenner trademark battle was picked up by at least 200 news publications across the world. WIPR looks deeper into the issue and asks who might win.

Semiconductor focus: protecting a $300bn industry


Pending legal reforms in the US are likely to make it easier for semiconductor companies to enforce their IP rights, even if attempts to amend the patent system have stalled. WIPR reports.

EU referendum: what a UK exit would mean for trademarks


On June 23, 2016, British people will vote on whether they wish to remain in the EU. WIPR explores what impact a ‘Brexit’ could have on trademarks.

Showing 71 to 80 of 1648 results


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