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Protection: doing more with less

International25-05-2016Elisa Cooper

The number of trademarks owned by corporate entities is increasing but the cash to defend their expanding portfolios is not. Elisa Cooper, vice president of marketing for Lecorpio, has some suggestions for protection on a budget.

IACC: Small parcels, big problems

International25-05-2016Travis Johnson

The sheer volume of counterfeit goods being trafficked, particularly via small consignments, requires a concerted effort in order to successfully fight the problem, argues Travis Johnson of the IACC.

LESI: 100 years of FRAND

US24-05-2016Jorge Contreras

FRAND policies in the US date back more than 100 years, and policy makers are well advised to remember the historical precedents when crafting and analysing such commitments, argues Jorge Contreras on behalf of LESI.

INTA: From EU trademark reform to US customs legislation

International23-05-2016Ronald van Tuijl

INTA is monitoring and influencing a wide range of trademark developments across the world, and 2016 is shaping up to be a busy year. Ronald van Tuijl, the association’s president, provides an update.

AUTM: An uneven playing field in the wake of Alice

US23-05-2016Eric Guttag

The two-part Alice test on patent subject matter eligibility means patent owners and licensors face severe and potentially overwhelming obstacles in the licensing playing field, argues Eric Guttag, chair of the public policy legal task force of the Association of University Technology Managers.

US presidential election: what the contenders are saying about IP


Ahead of the US presidential election later this year, WIPR analyses the IP views of the three main contenders.

FIFA: attack is sometimes the best form of defence


With a huge trademark portfolio to defend, FIFA has to think carefully about which registrations to oppose, but won’t tolerate blatant infringement, as Daniel Zohny, senior legal counsel, intellectual property, tells WIPR.

The Chinese government’s opinion on IP


China’s government has committed to implementing changes to the country’s IP system through a state-backed ‘opinion’, but how realistic are the goals? WIPR investigates.

China focus: can a leopard change its spots?


China has long been plagued by the problem of counterfeit goods, particularly online. Can the government’s sharpened focus on tackling infringement turn this around? WIPR investigates.

“Splitting the baby”—what’s next for the PTAB


The US Supreme Court is scrutinising the work of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board and its decision in the pending Cuozzo case could change how the board operates, as WIPR finds out.

Showing 71 to 80 of 1656 results


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