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The post-Brexit world for European patent litigants

EU, UK22-09-2016Duncan Ribbons and Maeve Lynch

Post-Brexit, patent litigants will probably still be able to obtain declarations of non-infringement of European national patents from the English courts, but there are further issues to consider, say Duncan Ribbons and Maeve Lynch of Redd Solicitors.

A decade of unity: working together to boost ASEAN IP

Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam21-09-2016

The ASEAN countries are at the beginning of a decade-long strategic plan to boost IP in the region, says Chew Phye Keat, president of the ASEAN IPA, who talks to WIPR.

The pirate busters: India’s new IP crime fighters


The Telangana Intellectual Property Crime Unit has been launched in India with the aim of tackling online piracy in the state. But can the unit emulate successes seen in countries such as the UK? WIPR investigates.

Brazil focus: Light at the end of the backlog tunnel?


Brazil’s Patent Prosecution Highway pilot programme is several months into its trial period. WIPR investigates how the scheme is going.

In the red: a costly position for ISPs post-Cartier?


Following a court ruling in favour of Richemont, trademark owners in the UK will be happy that they can ask for ISPs to block access to websites selling trademark-infringing goods. However, there is likely to be further wrangling over certain issues—including costs, as WIPR reports.

Chilling effect: the slow death of copyright fair use?


The US Supreme Court has been asked to review the so-called dancing baby lawsuit on fair use of copyright online. As the latest ruling is seemingly bad for internet users, WIPR assesses the implications and whether the dispute will reach the highest court.

Under the microscope: patent quality at the USPTO


The US Patent and Trademark Office has been asked by a government agency to implement reforms in order to boost patent quality, but will the office agree, and what would the proposals change in practice? WIPR investigates.

Birkenstock takes a bold step

EU - TRADEMARKS24-08-2016Martin Ochs

From January 2017, the German-based footwear company will no longer supply its products for Amazon to sell online and will not authorise any third party merchants to sell on the marketplace section of the online retailer, says Martin Ochs of Hamlins.

Alice: the fallout continues

US23-08-2016Marina Portnova and Dmitry Andreev

The US Supreme Court’s Alice decision does not provide a bright line test for subject matter eligibility, and patent applicants are therefore advised to follow several steps when drafting applications, say Marina Portnova and Dmitry Andreev of Lowenstein Sandler.

The effectiveness of blocking injunctions

EU, EU - TRADEMARKS, International, US17-08-2016Kostyantyn Lobov

The technical limitations and cost implications of a blocking injunction mean that it is not a ‘silver bullet’ for tackling online infringement, but it can be a valuable tool, says Kostyantyn Lobov of Harbottle & Lewis.

Showing 21 to 30 of 1648 results


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