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Fighting back: tackling cybersquatters in Poland

Poland01-01-2012Jaromir Piwowar and Bartek Kochlewski

It is not always straightforward to deal with a ‘cybersquatter’, but in Poland, a raft of remedies is available. Jaromir Piwowar and Bartek Kochlewski take a look.

Anti-counterfeiting in Mexico: the foreseeable future

Mexico01-01-2012Jose Luis Ramos-Zurita

A new loophole in the guidelines for proceeding against counterfeit goods in transit has hampered Mexican customs and IP rights holders. Jose Luis Ramos-Zurita explains.

Promoting and protecting your brand in a brave new world

US01-01-2012Ari Goldberger and Jason Schaeffer

The new gTLds promise a totally transformed domain for brands. Ari Goldberger and Jason Schaeffer evaluate the defence mechanisms available in the new environment.

Licensors: facing unexpected bumps in the road

China, Japan, Taiwan, US01-01-2012Daniel Papst

The licensing of patents across the world requires dealing with various different licensors from diverse cultural backgrounds. But that’s not always easy, says Daniel Papst.

Surprise patent setback stuns biotech

US01-01-2012BiotechnologyPaul Sutton

Two recent US court decisions have important implications for patent attorney practice as well as for the biotech sector, as Paul Sutton reports.

Shock to the system: a compulsory licence for Nexavar

India01-01-2012Mita Sheikh

The Nexavar decision will be welcomed by patients in terms of affordability, but is a compulsory licence the best way to address the issue? Nita Sheikh asks the question.

New course for punitive damages in Canada

Canada01-01-2012Marek Nitoslawski and David Turgeon

Canadian courts have, traditionally, not been inclined to award punitive damages in IP cases but this may be about to change. Marek Nitoslawski and David Turgeon investigate.

Compulsory licensing: the prologue

India01-01-2012Ranjna Mehta-Dutt and Shukadev Khuraijam

Generic pharmaceutical manufacturer Natco has secured a compulsory licence to produce cancer drug Nexavar for the Indian market. Ranjna Mehta-Dutt and Shukadev Khuraijam report.

Online threats to your brand: defence on the front line

01-01-2012Susan Prosser

There are strategies and tools available for fighting cybersquatting and protecting your domain names. Susan Prosser of DomainTools explains how a preventive approach is the best way to combat the threats.

Clearing up: examination guidelines for pharma patents

Philippines01-01-2012Editha R. Hechanova and Fe Belen Bello

Questions of discovery and efficacy are pivotal in patenting new products, as Editha Hechanova and Fe Belen Bello explain.

Showing 1641 to 1650 of 2160 results


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