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The price of fame in Hong Kong

Hong Kong01-02-2012Kenny Leung

A trademark that is entitled to protection under the Paris Convention as a well-known trademark can be protected under the Trade Marks Ordinance in Hong Kong.

Ask the BGH: key litigation decisions


In an important trademark decision, the Federal Court of Justice held that the use of a well-known company logo in a car garage’s advertisements may take unfair advantage of or be detrimental to the advertising function of the mark.

US - patents: 2011 federal circuit patent rulings

US01-02-2012Paul J. Sutton

Twenty eleven was an extremely busy year for the US ‘patent court’.

Fighting similar trademarks in Bulgaria

Bulgaria01-02-2012Iliana Muhibian

As a step towards harmonising Bulgarian intellectual property legislation with EU legislation, the Bulgarian Trademark Law was substantially amended.

Developments in intellectual property rights in Ghana

Ghana01-02-2012Regina Asiedu-Mante

Ghana is a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and a signatory to WTO agreements on intellectual property (IP).

Mini Africa, the trademark capital

Cameroon01-02-2012Atanga Mbah-Mbole

Cameroon is often described as ‘Africa in miniature’. It attracts a lot of businesses, and has the highest number of trademark filings in central Africa.

Trademark owners face fresh battles in the US

US01-02-2012Robert Kenney and Katie Peden

In 2011, US trademark case law presented several updates and continuations of ongoing battles. These cases dealt with keyword advertising, dilution, and aesthetic functionality.

IP in Guyana: the theory and the practice

Guyana01-02-2012Rafiq Khan

In Guyana, the Trade Marks Act and the Patents & Designs Act, together with the rules and regulations made under each of them, prescribe the rights and protections granted to proprietors of trademarks and patents, respectively.

Uruguay: Trademarks and the right to practise

Uruguay01-02-2012Juan Lapenne

In November 2010, the Contentious Administrative Court (CAC) reversed a decision that was issued by the DNPI’s trademark arm and dismissed a trademark application for ‘RBS The Royal Bank of Scotland’.

International patent strategies? Choose Canada

Canada01-02-2012Scott Miller and Randall Marusyk

Recent global economic events have forced intellectual property owners to tighten their belts.

Showing 1641 to 1650 of 2230 results


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