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The value of checking old licences

Netherlands24-02-2017Michiel Rijsdijk

A recently published case (December 2016) from the Court of the Hague sheds some light on the legal limitations of licensing agreements. It could result in the payment of a backlog of royalties accumulated over 20 years.

Keeping the records straight

Mexico24-02-2017Emilio Albarran

A common enquiry from our clients is whether corporate changes should be recorded at the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI) and what the legal consequences of not recording such changes can be.

EU trademark reforms: rights of passage

EU23-02-2017Ulrike Grübler

Changes to EU trademark laws on detaining goods transiting through the EU have yielded positive results, but there is still some way to go. Ulrike Grübler of DLA Piper has more.

Protecting rights in top-level domains

Malaysia23-02-2017Azlina Aisyah Khalid

From its humble beginnings as the global system for interconnected computer networks that used a specific protocol—the internet protocol (IP)—the internet has become a symbol of how much the modern world is driven by technology.

When oils ain't oils

Italy23-02-2017Elisabetta Guolo and Andrea Cappai

Olive oil is one of the most renowned Italian food products and Italy is an important international stakeholder in the olive oil trade.

Let bygones be bygones

Germany22-02-2017Jens Künzel

Most infringement cases in Germany, whether based on a patent, trademark or design, involve the assertion of a claim for a restraining order telling the defendant to cease and desist from offering, selling and/or manufacturing the products in question.

The right to protect a geographical name

France22-02-2017Aurélia Marie

An action brought by the Laguiole local authority in southern France against the owners of trademarks containing the term ‘Laguiole’ has proved controversial. These trademarks were licensed internationally for products of all kinds, although most of them are manufactured in China and do not come from the Laguiole area.

‘Dirty Dancing’: keeping it clean

EU, EU - TRADEMARKS21-02-2017Katie Goulding

An EUIPO decision that affirmed the rejection of ‘Dirty Dancing’ as a trademark typifies its recent strict practice surrounding allegedly descriptive marks and acquired distinctiveness, says Katie Goulding of HGF.

Exposure to enhanced damages after Halo

US20-02-2017Michael Mutter and Shawn Hamidinia

The Halo decision on wilful patent infringement has made it desirable to accumulate evidence of good faith at the time of conduct in order to avoid enhanced damages. Michael Mutter and Shawn Hamidinia of Birch Stewart Kolasch Birch report.

WIPR Leaders: Rolling out the red carpet


In 2017, we released the second edition of our WIPR Leaders publication, split into two volumes (patent and trademark). Featuring 1,708 lawyers overall, WIPR Leaders is designed to showcase the best IP talent from around the world and allow you to build networks with other practitioners.

Showing 1 to 10 of 2070 results


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