WebTMS Limited

WebTMS Limited

Trademark and IP Portfolio Management Software, Document and Systems Management

WebTMS Ltd
17 Blagrave Street
Blagrave House
Telephone: +44(0) 118 958 2002
Email: sales@webtms.com
Website: www.WebTMS.com

Rita O’Kyere, Director, Sales & Marketing - rita@webtms.com
Nick March, IP Business Development Manager - nick@webtms.com

Company Profile:

WebTMS Limited and Intellectual Property Online (IPPO) have provided and developed trademark management systems since 1997 and have regularly appeared at the top of independent user surveys of trademark management software. We have 500+ unique clients and 2000+ global users, on all continents using WebTMS.

The WebTMS software is a comprehensive trademark management suite that provides excellent record keeping and docketing tools to support efficient trademark management with modules for all IP cases. You can manage your IP cases from application through to renewal. Automatic e-mail diary alerts, agent and client access with collaboration tools, creating full trademark records using official PTMO data from 50+ countries and unlimited report creation are just some of our clients’ favourite features. In addition to our award winning WebTMS software, the team are also renowned for excellent customer support, expertly managed migration/conversion projects, and industry knowledge. We listen to clients’ feedback about our software to continually develop the software to meet clients’ expectations and needs.

WebTMS offers: software subscriptions, hosted systems, and installed systems, so you can choose the best solution for your company. Our software is used by Brand Owners, Law Firms, and Trademark Attorneys. We have a solution for everyone regardless of your portfolio size, clients’ portfolio size ranges from under 100 records up to 300,000 records, we also cater for everything in-between.

In a survey conducted by the World Trademark Review in 2015, WebTMS was given the top overall rating against a list of enviable competitors. WebTMS is ISO 9001:2008 Certified.

Areas of Specialisation:

  • Trademark and IP Management Software
  • Document and Systems Management

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WebTMS: to infinity and beyond

19-09-2016 Rita O’Kyere and Nick March


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