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TM Cloud

Trademark and IP Management Software, Litigation Management, Document Management, eCommerce Monitoring Management

TM Cloud Inc
8283 N Hayden Rd
Suite 249
Scottsdale, AZ
Telephone: +1 480 659 9425


Lucinda Stevenson, CEO - 
Louis Stevenson, President -

Company Profile:

Building on over 30 years of IP law and docketing experience, TM Cloud has produced the only comprehensive and modern trademark and IP management system available on the market. The founder of TM Cloud, Louis Stevenson, has produced three IP management systems prior to the creation of TM Cloud.

Most other established IP software is cumbersome, outdated and requires many clicks and different actions to get simple tasks done. TM Cloud developed the software keeping in mind how different groups of people actually work (paralegals, attorneys, outside counsel, agents etc.) and developed specific workflows that can be customized for different approaches and end goals.

Our philosophy is that software should be easy to use, not a chore to learn. With the ever-changing market users have higher expectations and TM Cloud's aim is to provide the IP profession with what they ask for and software to exceed their ideals.

Areas of Specialisation:

  • Trademark and IP Management Software
  • Automatic and Custom date calculation and verification
  • Connected to over 45 online databases
  • Litigation Management
  • Document Management
  • eCommerce Monitoring Management
  • Highly integrated with 3rd party software
  • Law firm and Corporation optimized

Association Memberships:

The company and professionals are members of INTA.


United States of America
South America (multilingual)

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