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Company Profile:

Practice Insight has been at the forefront of Big Data analysis since its foundation in Australia in 2010. Our products provide transparency by allowing analysis of big data in a way that has never been possible before. The software and analysis tools Filing Analytics and WiseTime help patent firms and corporates to extract multitude of data in a matter of minutes in user friendly formats.

Filing Analytics is a suite of software and data analysis tools for Intellectual Property professionals. It allows users to examine and analyze the intellectual property databases in all relevant jurisdictions. The information includes:

  • Reciprocal business relationships for patent filings
  • Recent filings including case details
  • Client list of PCT filings with applicant details
  • Number of filings where firm did not draft the originating priority or PCT application
  • Technology of PCT and Paris Convention filings
  • Upcoming NPE/RPE for PCT applications including case details

Filing Analytics is essential for all Intellectual Property professional to deliver impactful marketing, to prepare for conferences, meetings and negotiations or to acquire new customers.

WiseTime, our time recording software, creates automatically a summary of any activity on the PC. It runs in the background and there is no need to turn the system "on/off" before and after work. WiseTime covers the work time, the programs, as well as project, customer or reference numbers. At the end of every day you see to the second how much time was used for which client or project. WiseTime is cloud-based, but on a project basis it is possible to create an interface to feed the data into your existing in-house system to be analyzed further.

Areas of Specialisation:

  • Intellectual Property analysis software
  • Patent reciprocity
  • PCT filings
  • Paris Convention filings
  • Upcoming PCT applications
  • Time tracking
  • Automatic time capture
  • Time management

Big Data:

Big Data is omnipresent nowadays and whereas it poses companies with new challenges it also delivers great opportunities. The ability to use data in a targeted, profitable and timely manner is critical to the success of any company today. Data is a powerful tool, and to get the necessary benefit from it companies will need to start to use technologies that will help them gather better, more current, and more accurate data.

Analysis and evaluation tools help companies to extract valuable insight from the enormous amounts of data, which they can then use to shape their business strategies and processes. Big Data helps companies to generate new business, create better customer experience, make more informed decisions and generate more profit. Since its foundation in Australia 2010, Practice Insight has been offering big data analysis tools for different business areas.

The software and analysis tools Filing Analytics and WiseTime help patent firms and corporates to extract multitude of data in a matter of minutes in user friendly formats.

Filing Analytics:

There are tools available for various business areas to generate and analyze large volumes of data, but intellectual property professionals have so far not had access to such a tool. Filing Analytics from Practice Insight offers patent professionals in companies and law firms a comprehensive, transparent insight into the global patent business. It accesses more than twenty national and international patent filing databases, searches and analyzes the data, and produces a report in a matter of seconds.

Filing Analytics provides an overview of reciprocity in all relevant jurisdictions including information on recent filings as well as upcoming NPE/RPE for PCT with case details, collaboration between IP law firms, between IP law firms and industrial corporations and much more.

Practice Insight offers three versions of the program with varying functions. Filing Analytics Standard gives access to all information including cross linkage between data and unlimited reports. Filing Analytics Pro combines the functionality of Filing Analytics Standard with the unique “Licensing Alert” service. It notifies intellectual property specialists of the most recent patents granted that are relevant to their clients, to enable prompt notification of time-sensitive opposition windows, and to alert their clients of potential licensing opportunities with respect to their existing patent portfolios. With Filing Analytics OnDemand, the user can request comprehensive reports for law firms for a fix cost per report.


wolfgang-150x135.jpgWolfgang Danner
General Manager



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