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Transit of counterfeit goods through Turkey


Isik Ozdogan & Ezgi Baklaci

As the easternmost neighbour of the EU, and a country many goods pass through before entering Europe, Turkish customs are very important.

Turkey was historically an important artery of the Silk Road and the Spice Route, and it continues to be a strategic crossroads between the European Union (EU) and Middle Eastern countries, and an important hub for international land, sea and air transportation. Considering that Turkey is the easternmost neighbour of the EU and many goods pass through it before entering Europe, Turkish customs are very important.

Even though goods have been transported to their final destination through Turkish customs for many years, the Turkish Custom Authority’s responsibility over goods in transit was much debated until the amendment made in Decree Law Regarding the Protection of Trademarks (No. 556).

As the Decree Law No. 556 did not contain any regulation on this topic, it was up to the judge’s own discretion to determine whether counterfeit goods in transit constituted trademark infringement in Turkey.

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