IP Centrum: upsetting the apple cart


Simon de Banke

IP Centrum: upsetting the apple cart

aluxum / iStockphoto.com

Renewals and EP validation services may not seem like the most obvious place for innovation in the IP industry, but at IP Centrum the aim is to profoundly change the way the business works. WIPR spoke to CEO Simon de Banke to find out more.

The story of business in the 21st century is one of disruption. There are, of course, companies that have remained successful and relevant by doing what they’ve always done, or at least, by refining what they’ve always done. But more and more, the companies that make waves are the ones that rethink not just the way they do things, but the way their whole ecosystems operate.

For social media companies, that has meant revisiting the traditional division between customer and product to create a system in which customers are the products; for Uber and Airbnb, it meant understanding that providing cars or accommodation doesn’t necessitate owning either, but rather requires facilitating engagement between the owners and the users.

The technologies underpinning these companies are not necessarily in themselves disruptive (although good tech is vital); what is truly revolutionary is how these companies look at the world, imagining different versions of it and overturning ‘truths’ about the way their markets operate.

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